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Emergency  Department Consultants  

Helping  Emergency  Departments

 identify areas to improve

cost-effectiveness and efficiency 


Consulting Services that strategically address

critical issues and barriers affecting

 ED  performance.

Our Services

Our Servuces

What is preventing your Emergency Department from reaching optimal efficiency? 


Performance improvement is a vital component in the development of ED processes and relationships.


Is your Emergency Department experiencing its own bottlenecks?  Or, do the challenges occur while interfacing with other services? 


Picture these scenarios:

  • Patients with admitting orders boarding in the ED

  • Holding areas serving as pseudo inpatient units

Surge  Management

When experiencing an increase in volume, is your existing process able to effectively handle the surge of patients?

Sustaining Your Efforts

Many hospitals achieve rapid results and record breaking changes after putting  operational modifications into place.  But, these improvements often wither away over time due to either a decrease in staying power or a lack of reinforcement. 

We offer exceptional consulting services

designed to maximize 

available resources!

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Ready to get started?

We know what it takes to navigate the challenging landscape of an emergency department.

We begin with an on-site assessment to gain an overall understanding of what is needed to place your ED on the road to optimal performance.   


Schedule an assessment


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