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  • Emergency Department resources stretched beyond capacity due to a sudden increase in volume

  • Empty beds waiting to be cleaned  

  • Several isolation patients in the ED, few isolation rooms available

  • Increased Length of Stay (LOS) 

  • Overall increase in wait time

Does any of this sound Familiar?


Bed management is a delicate logistical problem that involves not only the ED but other areas of the hospital as well.  It is a very serious issue that many hospitals face and one that often leads to frustration for both patients and staff as available space becomes severely limited. 

There is no "one size fits all" to lessen the strain of bed demand.  Our many years of experience has taught us to understand the challenges of bed management better than most.  We are experts at putting together a plan that effectively accommodates patients and prioritizes resources without compromising quality of care.

Efficient Bed Management for Satisfied Patients!

Let's discuss a strategy.

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