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Performance  Improvement

In order for any performance improvement initiative to excel, there has to be a collaboration of all resources. This requires a change in culture which helps to form a team approach instead of the dreaded 'ED vs the hospital' mentality.  Even a slight modification in attitude has the potential to significantly impact not just the ED but the entire organization. 

Maybe your facility has previously attempted a performance improvement program that didn't quite yield the desired results.  Or is there a program presently in place that is not quite hitting the mark?  Perhaps this has been a proposal on the “to do” list that has not come to fruition.

The ED is a multifaceted and highly stressful setting that requires coordination with many different departments in order to achieve its goals.  For a performance improvement initiative to excel integration of resources must be employed.  After all, most of what comprises ED challenges usually occurs in other parts of the hospital and is oftentimes out of the ED's control. Therefore, a culture of teamwork across the continuum is essential for success.

Whatever the challenge, we are here to assist you throughout this undertaking!  Together we will discuss the goals for your organization and devise a strategy to optimize ED performance.

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